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Building the new Tomorrow section for Engadget

– Tomorrow Section Cover (article link)

– The Art of Nuclear War (article link)

– Hacking laws (article link)

– The future of video game violence (article link)

Working with Engadget I helped to build the new ‘Tomorrow’ section, teaming with Aaron Souppouris, features editor at Engadget.
‘Tomorrow’ launched needing illustrations to set a tone for the topics, visualise the articles and draw attention to the new section.

‘The new home of stuff that hasn’t happened yet.’ – Engadget

Articles on Engadget: #1 Tomorrow | #2 Nuclear | #3 Hacking | #4 Videogames

Personal Aircraft

Illustrations for Playboy Magazine’s Tech section.

Full page illustration for Playboy Magazine showing a future of personal aircraft.

Full page and spot illustration for Playboy Magazine. Imagining the world of Artemis from the author of The Martian, Andy Weir.

Full page illustration for Playboy Magazine, visualising the Hyperloop by Elon Musk.