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The Snide of a Scoundrel Man – ISO50 process feature

The snidey little scoundrel man with a briefcase full of filth. Scuttling around like when I go to a friends house for tea and his annoying happy dousche dog with dog breath wags its tail which smacks into everything as it tries to eat humanoid food. My friend has a mountain bike with crud catcher mud guards, can dive off the top board at Tudor Grange swimming baths and can run really fast.

If your interested in my process you can see an insight into how I made this picture at the amazing ISO50 blog.

Cagoule Advice

In the medievil future this man doesn’t know what to wear outside. Out the window it doesn’t look drab drab, but very windy. The TV personality suggests a cagoule, because the wind will just brush past the seductive streamlined material of the cagoule.

Torrid Time

Get rid of the torrid time. Get useless power card and print off rare card from a scanned in version off the net the www then stick it on with double sided tape. Sell it and rake in the gold bar, the gold bar is too heavy for the rake, make rake from triangles the strongest shape ever. I don’t like putting curves in pictures because they are weak I am a strong triangle man. Not a crud cresent man.