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Intrepid Explorer

He is an intrepid explorer has no boundaries. I’m an intrepid internet explorer surfing the world wide web. Riding all the best waves from Slime sports to Line flyer. From Neopets to Runescape. One time I got wasted and caught a massive wave surfing the world wide web to Newgrounds. Just imagine in the future everyone will have facebook and parents will spy on their kids going out. I’d have a decoy page.

Blue Screen

It is 00:47 (4 and 7 looks really good together like when I eat cheesey crisps and get the orange flavouring on my fingers and conseal spots with it.) Soggy Simon has a blue screen of death and now he has lost his chips challenge progress. Also a powerpoint with applause sounds and car vooming sounds when each comic sans letter individually flies from left onto the screen. wuuuuhaaavveey wooordaarrrtt