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Barren barry land

Where are his cronies. He has no cronies. I’d hate to be someones croney they are always novice. Most of the time they are usually half creature half human aswell. It’s a good thing that screen he is looking at is back lit. It means he can play with it when its past his bed time and the lights are turned out smehehe.

Making new friends is hard

Times move on. This new model robot is born in a different era and could have had the same spikes stegasauraus have on their backs. I wonder if those spikes were sharp or just flappy bits of skin. Shoulder blades are probably sharper. I hope shoulder blades are actually cool and sharp unlike fake crappy blades of grass. It’s hard to make friends when you have a completely different background, the whole way of communication is different. At least in this world we can talk about big things like space. Has this robot not got small_talkv1.1 beta installed?


smeeeh robots wonder if they can speak and hear. Can they talk each other and spread things through word of mouth and make things popular. They are a marketing tool using the word of mouth strategy for advertising a big business like minute maid.