Think about it

When thinking about things you need to be comfortable. This guy has rested the bag on his legs to take the weight off his shoulder.


6 thoughts on “Think about it

  1. Maxine

    Woodland, 50's architecture, a bearded man in really cute clothes. It's too beautiful. I hope he doesn't get his snazzy shoes muddy.

  2. Matthew Lyons Post author

    Thanks Tim. I often use film stills as reference to help with the compositions and angles.
    Surf the tidal waves of sites with neverending related images. Mix and match two or three of my favourite images together as reference.
    Sometimes more than two or three people are downstairs and I want to make a cup of tea, but if I create one I’ll have to offer everyone a cup or I seem selfish. When there are too many people I don’t make a cup of tea for myself, but when there is too much inspiration I can pick and choose who I use. I like being alone in my room.

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