Blue Screen

It is 00:47 (4 and 7 looks really good together like when I eat cheesey crisps and get the orange flavouring on my fingers and conseal spots with it.) Soggy Simon has a blue screen of death and now he has lost his chips challenge progress. Also a powerpoint with applause sounds and car vooming sounds when each comic sans letter individually flies from left onto the screen. wuuuuhaaavveey wooordaarrrtt


5 thoughts on “Blue Screen

  1. sam

    love it – its like a cross between kevin dart and ISO50 – do you have any prints for sale/swap?

  2. Matthew Lyons

    Thanks! I'm a massive fan of them both and it must show!
    I hope to get prints made sometime in the future, but annoyingly nothing soon because I'm not sure how to go about it sorry.

  3. [LaLa] Lauren

    Just came across your art through ISO50…I'm in love!! Your work is amazing, I hope you know how talented you are.

  4. moshi

    hey, i would like to ask about your techniques, because am doing some research about retro futurists graphic styles, am impressed by yours as well :)


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