Yuki 7: Carbonated Bullets

Illustration for the book Yuki 7: Looks That Kill

Please wrap your lips around the biscuit when taking a bite to stop crums from falling on the new carpet. This man was messy like the kind of fidderly person who comes in your room and looks at your objects and then never puts them back in the place he got them from. Hide your objects, hide your objects. The fine artist is coming and they want to turn them into found objects. If I place your conker next to your pebble it suddenly means conker is weak compared to pebble and the viewer has to ask themselves if they are strong or weak. The found object combination is so strong and the concept so high that spy uses as a distraction. Guards leave their posts to ask themselves a question.  I took pictures of a banana rotting in my room and it means I’m a massive smeg head.

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#11 COMMENTS:   Yuki 7: Carbonated Bullets

  1. Sopheea says:

    This is lovely, really lovely.

  2. julien says:

    Your work is so inspiring, terrific.
    Incredible style please update more often :)

  3. Luke Jones says:

    There’s so much going on in your work, I love it.

  4. Justin says:

    Really great textures. Love your style.

  5. Fantastic illustration and typography! Loving this!

  6. Great work, as always. I posted it (fromconcentrate.tumblr.com) on my inspiration/reference Tumblr.

  7. °°°°°°°°Poor Matthew, your aura has been displaced. °°°° I can see this now from where I stand in the time loop-paradox-handshake. 9 usb ports was/will not be enough. ^^^^^ I can see it all now ^^^^^ ~~~~~~~I see flowers made of daily vitamins.~~~# (((((((((Salt shakers full of restless leg syndrome and the like.====\\\||||\ I see the stars and all is made of camping. ҈҈҈҈҈ ҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈ooooooooooover there in the bushes I see the target and I’m off like phantom of demise→→→→→→→

  8. I’m a fan… great work… love the way it all comes together with such texture and depth… right along with the angle and atmosphere… not to mention the duscussions that follow the images, a whole seperate set of gems. Thank you much!

  9. jconda says:

    Of course, your illustration work is excellent…but your words are the best!

  10. Jorge says:

    I’m fascinated with your work… Really awesome… Very inspiring. I have to write an entry about you in my blog right now.

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