13 thoughts on “Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper

  1. Josh

    Very nice. It's a pleasure coming back to your site every so often and viewing your latest pieces.

    1. Emma

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    1. Olivia

      Boy oh Boy oh Boy!! What a lovely big studio space. All those lovely little drawers, I neeeed some of those. Ooh I could just sit in there and dream up nice things I am sure. I shall go and tidy up my little space to..3rowmo…it&#r9;s a mess :( Carry on creating the lovely work in there!

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, all of your works are so nice!! I love the old sci-fi feeling they give me.
    I was wondering, are these digital paintings? Or traditional mediums ?


  3. ill cursor

    I never get tired of looking at this wonderful body of work. Love the new additions. So encouraging!!!


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