Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper

This is for the Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper Project. I always use the wallpapers on there so I was a keen man when Bobby asked if I could assemble one.
I quite like wallpapers to be fairly barren and thought of the idea which he gracefully quotes in the text beneath.You can download the wallpaper here, thanks Bobby!

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#11 COMMENTS:   Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper

  1. DanM says:

    Got it. Love it! Thanks:-)

  2. Josh says:

    Very nice. It's a pleasure coming back to your site every so often and viewing your latest pieces.

  3. Alex Chechik says:

    I love all these pieces, Matthew!

    Great sense of colour and design in every one.

  4. Illustration/Design/Culture says:

    Everything here is amazing, really love the work!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great work, I love your abstraction and simplicity of form. We posted you up on our blog, take a look if you like

  6. freeFONT says:

    awesome! thanks for sharing man!

  7. mogsart says:

    Whaoo I 'm already downloading it !!!

  8. Ibraheem says:

    That is amazing and so surreal. Thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey, all of your works are so nice!! I love the old sci-fi feeling they give me.
    I was wondering, are these digital paintings? Or traditional mediums ?


  10. naegiku says:

    Looks great =D
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. ill cursor says:

    I never get tired of looking at this wonderful body of work. Love the new additions. So encouraging!!!

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