The Snide of a Scoundrel Man – ISO50 process feature

The snidey little scoundrel man with a briefcase full of filth. Scuttling around like when I go to a friends house for tea and his annoying happy dousche dog with dog breath wags its tail which smacks into everything as it tries to eat humanoid food. My friend has a mountain bike with crud catcher mud guards, can dive off the top board at Tudor Grange swimming baths and can run really fast.

If your interested in my process you can see an insight into how I made this picture at the amazing ISO50 blog.

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#13 COMMENTS:   The Snide of a Scoundrel Man – ISO50 process feature

  1. mogsart says:

    C'est genial !! En plus avec le making of !! Excellent !!!

  2. Daniel Downey says:

    Really great work matthew.. I totally love the feeling in your pictures. Really authentic looking stuff!

  3. Charles George Esperanza says:

    youre one of the best

  4. Sean C. says:

    Matthew, I keep seeing your name pop up when I am surfing around for inspiration and education. I'm no expert but I personally think your work is brilliant. Love the mid century sensibilities! I will look forward to seeing your stuff in the future.


  5. Alexander says:

    perfect style..!!!!!!!!! 100 points

  6. Infographiste says:

    I love your work, i've added a link on my website to yours.

  7. Roc Espinet Lizarralde says:

    Wow!! Just discovered your work and i´m in a shock!! It´s amazing!! Congratulations for such wonderful ilustrations! Keep on it!

  8. Jack Teagle says:

    Your work never ceases to amaze.
    It looks like paint, but has qualities of old photography and double exposures.

  9. Tim Heitz says:

    Just came across your work, and it's some of my favorite stuff I've seen in a long time.

    Crazy intriguing.

    Can't wait to see what's next!

  10. Valeria Cipolletti says:

    I've found your illustrations through Ffffound!.com
    You're great! I hope you're gonna be famous!

  11. Peter says:

    another masterpiece. I miss the triangles thou…

  12. Glenn Thomas says:

    Just sensational work. Do you have any plans to provide larger versions for wallpaper etc?

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