Stagnant Water

The water looks quite choppy, but it is stagnant.

Hopefully the fidderly man will change that after the mountains

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#8 COMMENTS:   Stagnant Water

  1. Charles says:

    your illustrations are amazing

  2. Andrés says:


  3. Jeremy Brown says:

    Man…your stuff is amazing. Wow. It's like looking into an alternate version of the 1960's, but in the future, if that makes sense.

  4. Josh says:


  5. Thierry Cattant says:

    Hello, I really love your work (I discover it 2 week ago), I find it excellent!!! And you have only 21 years!

    (I put a link on your blog in mine as "blog of the week")

  6. Evegazu says:

    I love your retro style. Makes me remember my childhood watching TV around the 70s. This work is my favorite

  7. Andy says:

    Wow, i love your work dude, how would one go about getting a digital copy of this , or any of your work so i can rock down to the printers and put your stuff on my walls?

  8. María Paula says:

    You are really a great inspiration! You just made my day :)

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