No More Grid Lock

These are a couple of illustrations I got to do for Good Magazine and the article is <a href=”here“>.

The door I drew doesn’t slot into the fidderly car properly.
You have held intrinsic mouse button and intrepid drag mouse to highlight this text so you can read. If not my soggy plan hasn’t worked, but the quest has begun anyway. Cup of tea in free kit kat mug is prize, but you have to dip dog biscuit in tea and wait till goes soggy then eat. Skip forward to 8:25 in this video and listen till end then read rest
A lot of stick is given to Hipsters, but I think some of that barks time should be up. Some can be naff scoundrels that snaffle bag of crisps from your multipack, but a trend in which being cool means at least recognising some beauty in the arts isn’t the worst trend. The idea of this trend could spread like Scholes spreading the ball. Then maybe maybe inspired contemporary design and music will become easier to find.


18 thoughts on “No More Grid Lock

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  2. Charles Huettner

    Nothing can satiate my lust for the travel through time. Although, highlighted text does give me pause. At any rate, it is too late for warnings of after effects. For example, nobody remembers the solar powered tricycle. Or the slightly more popular bio hybrid roller skates. It’s up to you and your brilliant illustrations to remind the world what I made them lose. I must now leave this web page to go back in time to stop the assassination of the man who invented camping, or all hope for the future will be lost…

  3. Eric

    Your work cracks open an imagination. Never experienced your style before. Powerful. Thought provoking. Solutions to problems in a visually entertaining form.

  4. Brandia

    An incredible job. Breathe 70’s film texture, color and the style is awesome.True inspiration to all. Maybe you like our work:)

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  7. Matthew Lyons Post author

    Charles your grazed elbow and your heart were never into camping. When I wanted to purchase gadget digital solar lanterns to tie to the guy ropes so intrepid explorers don’t trip over our waterproof tent. You spend our shine on other gadget like multiple USB port adapter so you can broadcast to professional camper you have 9 crummy digital USB slots including those in your computer. You are not on the same wavelength as the camper.
    Charles wavelength ^^^^^^^^^^
    Regatta camper wavelength /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

    I’m worried you are incharge of time travelling to stop Peter Storm attack on the man who invented tents.

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