Flowing Generation

Illustrations in Google Think Quarterly put together by The Church of London.

Dreg dreg only dregs left on mine RSS feeds,
I waft the soggy mud with seeds,
Plant grow up the fiddily trellis,
The drab drab building behind it I will diss,
One time I said stuff to the lady,
I said I wasn’t a shift man who is shady,
She says I am very weak man,
Who needs to peel skin off grapes to run indigestion ban,
I said “how are you” so your contacts we now share,
I become friends by eating medieval dog food for the dare,
Wasted time these are stagnant contacts with no deals,
Futuristic poetry for everyone alone reading tutorials.
Intel Celeron 1ghz | 3Dfx Voodoo II | 10 USB sockets

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#8 COMMENTS:   Flowing Generation

  1. Teg says:

    Your poetry fiddles with boundaries others only dream of.
    Who is the lady and why is she so angry about the trellis all the time.


  2. Asier Bueno says:

    Great Matthew!! Keep the excellent work!

  3. Annie says:

    You illustrated The Daily’s Gift and Gadget Guide too, right?

  4. Matthew Lyons says:

    Yeah I did, going to put them up on here really soon.

  5. Matthew Lyons says:

    Dear Teg
    The Lady is a burgular and she is angry that garden trellis up against a house is to weak to climb.
    My poetry is strong and to the point, sorry if this isn’t what you’re used to.

    Yours sincerely,

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