Flowing Generation

Illustrations in Google Think Quarterly put together by The Church of London.

Dreg dreg only dregs left on mine RSS feeds,
I waft the soggy mud with seeds,
Plant grow up the fiddily trellis,
The drab drab building behind it I will diss,
One time I said stuff to the lady,
I said I wasn’t a shift man who is shady,
She says I am very weak man,
Who needs to peel skin off grapes to run indigestion ban,
I said “how are you” so your contacts we now share,
I become friends by eating medieval dog food for the dare,
Wasted time these are stagnant contacts with no deals,
Futuristic poetry for everyone alone reading tutorials.
Intel Celeron 1ghz | 3Dfx Voodoo II | 10 USB sockets


10 thoughts on “Flowing Generation

  1. Teg

    Your poetry fiddles with boundaries others only dream of.
    Who is the lady and why is she so angry about the trellis all the time.


  2. Matthew Lyons Post author

    Dear Teg
    The Lady is a burgular and she is angry that garden trellis up against a house is to weak to climb.
    My poetry is strong and to the point, sorry if this isn’t what you’re used to.

    Yours sincerely,

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