Nude, A Study / Ferocious Quarterly 2

I had the chance to be in Ferocious Quarterly 2 along with other great artists. This is an illustration for a great short story by Virginia Konchan called Nude, A Study. I’m in the red book, printed with just a red and grey ink.

After adding milk to cereal I can not be distracted. Must eat cereal before it turns into soggy cereal. I know of humans who put their cereal with milk in the microwave to make it purposely soggy cereal. Everyone is good at drawing it just depends on your inspiration. Your taste is what directs the work and knowing the range of different ideas to steal and mush together so no one knows is the secret. I have to trust my taste. Cereal should not be soggy.


7 thoughts on “Nude, A Study / Ferocious Quarterly 2

  1. nortsandcrosses

    I dont like to put milk in the mircowave, its like making it want to curdle..just not to my liking
    This however, is ace Matt!

  2. Sterling

    This is my first time seeing your work and I am completely blown away. Just awesome. I will be coming back often to see what you are doing.

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