12 thoughts on “Sections of the Guide

  1. kay486

    I absolutely LOVE your style, the colors/stylization/textures are just perfect! Each of the works is just unique. Keep up the great work!
    Just a question, are you planing to sell prints of your works? Because a huge A1 poster would look just amazing!


  2. Matthew Lyons Post author

    Thanks guys.

    Charles sorry for the eager one trick pony of a cat. On the same cold night I purchased a space to host this site I found that wasted stray cat. He was slurring words about theatre stage dreams before the streets gobbled him. Said I’d try give him a seedy stage to perform and he loves it. Sorry again.

  3. Jess

    It’s rare that I appreciate or even notice illustration being that I’m obsessed with type design, and typography, but today you’ve made me notice. Absolutely love you’re style, it’s has a real edge about it, with you’re sharp lines ( the pointy shoes are great!) You’ve worked well with the tones also, you obviously have a good eye for what works, and finally that grainy finish you use on you’re illustrations is just brilliant. There are clearly many levels to your work. Thank you matthew

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