Moustache Friction

The moustache might cause enough friction to save his life.

Category: Illustrations #2


If he puts what is inside the O in his O then something bad will happen, like when I don’t dilute my cordial enough.

Category: Illustrations #2

Thinking didn’t pay off

Sometimes think about things it means get too worried and afraid to do it. I was going to dive off the top board, but then I kept thinking about it and got too scared where as some people just do it. Wish I could just do it like nikey warriors do.
Category: Illustrations #1

Think about it

When thinking about things you need to be comfortable. This guy has rested the bag on his legs to take the weight off his shoulder.

Category: Illustrations #6

What’s he running from

Is anyone chasing him. What has he got in the bag.

Category: Illustrations #3

Barren barry land

Where are his cronies. He has no cronies. I’d hate to be someones croney they are always novice. Most of the time they are usually half creature half human aswell. It’s a good thing that screen he is looking at is back lit. It means he can play with it when its past his bed time and the lights are turned out smehehe.

Category: Illustrations #3

I didn’t see you

Hey you know when you don’t say hello to someone and just do a small nod. You can make the nod really really small it’s really cool. When I nod I try and move the head as little as I possibly can in a split second and people still see it. I think thats what the guy behind the window is trying to learn.

Category: Illustrations #3

Don’t press that button

Thats an itchy itchy jumper. Don’t press the button on the answer phone smeeehehehe

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If Ben Nevis had an apartment

Category: Illustrations #0

Making new friends is hard

Times move on. This new model robot is born in a different era and could have had the same spikes stegasauraus have on their backs. I wonder if those spikes were sharp or just flappy bits of skin. Shoulder blades are probably sharper. I hope shoulder blades are actually cool and sharp unlike fake crappy blades of grass. It’s hard to make friends when you have a completely different background, the whole way of communication is different. At least in this world we can talk about big things like space. Has this robot not got small_talkv1.1 beta installed?

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