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Push It Backwards

These are a few pages from the comic I got to do for Nobrow’s Graphic Cosmogony. The book had a 4 colour printing process, so I wanted to use a more graphic approach similar to the old adverts using grid design. I bought the book Grid Systems by Josef Müller-Brockmann and decided to go for a 20 field grid. Using it as a base to start work upon I found it very useful.

It is over. Inspiration is on the shelves of supermarkets and the cycle has begun. I wish I put my hand up in class. I fell over yesterday and Dorothy saw me spill my can. There was no undo (ctrl-z) like when I’m in my room alone on the software. Do you bother the furniture when you hoover? or is your patience 1gsm thin? Computing design has allowed humanoid with flimsy patience.
I’m the generation of the wire untangler. Untangling controllers and then wires at the back of computers, I am faster than you. Elders are supposed to teach me how to lay paving, mend the broken fence and pass on the knowledge of the man. However I show them how to use the computer. Barbara and Philip have no keen eye, but they are very chuffed having managed to dial in a design for the lovely tea rooms in the town centre. It is over.

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