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Yuki 7: Carbonated Bullets

Illustration for the book Yuki 7: Looks That Kill

Please wrap your lips around the biscuit when taking a bite to stop crums from falling on the new carpet. This man was messy like the kind of fidderly person who comes in your room and looks at your objects and then never puts them back in the place he got them from. Hide your objects, hide your objects. The fine artist is coming and they want to turn them into found objects. If I place your conker next to your pebble it suddenly means conker is weak compared to pebble and the viewer has to ask themselves if they are strong or weak. The found object combination is so strong and the concept so high that spy uses as a distraction. Guards leave their posts to ask themselves a question.  I took pictures of a banana rotting in my room and it means I’m a massive smeg head.

No More Grid Lock

These are a couple of illustrations I got to do for Good Magazine and the article is <a href=”here“>.

The door I drew doesn’t slot into the fidderly car properly.
You have held intrinsic mouse button and intrepid drag mouse to highlight this text so you can read. If not my soggy plan hasn’t worked, but the quest has begun anyway. Cup of tea in free kit kat mug is prize, but you have to dip dog biscuit in tea and wait till goes soggy then eat. Skip forward to 8:25 in this video and listen till end then read rest
A lot of stick is given to Hipsters, but I think some of that barks time should be up. Some can be naff scoundrels that snaffle bag of crisps from your multipack, but a trend in which being cool means at least recognising some beauty in the arts isn’t the worst trend. The idea of this trend could spread like Scholes spreading the ball. Then maybe maybe inspired contemporary design and music will become easier to find.

Nude, A Study / Ferocious Quarterly 2

I had the chance to be in Ferocious Quarterly 2 along with other great artists. This is an illustration for a great short story by Virginia Konchan called Nude, A Study. I’m in the red book, printed with just a red and grey ink.

After adding milk to cereal I can not be distracted. Must eat cereal before it turns into soggy cereal. I know of humans who put their cereal with milk in the microwave to make it purposely soggy cereal. Everyone is good at drawing it just depends on your inspiration. Your taste is what directs the work and knowing the range of different ideas to steal and mush together so no one knows is the secret. I have to trust my taste. Cereal should not be soggy.

Push It Backwards

These are a few pages from the comic I got to do for Nobrow’s Graphic Cosmogony. The book had a 4 colour printing process, so I wanted to use a more graphic approach similar to the old adverts using grid design. I bought the book Grid Systems by Josef Müller-Brockmann and decided to go for a 20 field grid. Using it as a base to start work upon I found it very useful.

It is over. Inspiration is on the shelves of supermarkets and the cycle has begun. I wish I put my hand up in class. I fell over yesterday and Dorothy saw me spill my can. There was no undo (ctrl-z) like when I’m in my room alone on the software. Do you bother the furniture when you hoover? or is your patience 1gsm thin? Computing design has allowed humanoid with flimsy patience.
I’m the generation of the wire untangler. Untangling controllers and then wires at the back of computers, I am faster than you. Elders are supposed to teach me how to lay paving, mend the broken fence and pass on the knowledge of the man. However I show them how to use the computer. Barbara and Philip have no keen eye, but they are very chuffed having managed to dial in a design for the lovely tea rooms in the town centre. It is over.

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New Project: Locations

Some people maybe have nine scoundrel pals, but some people have twenty nine scoundrel to talk about weather and what they do on weekend. Takes Dorothy nine day to get past smeg small talk and be your friend. Cassandra can do it in two day, but she has loads of hobby like soggy swimming and train the dog, so probably have something in common to turn you from scoundrel to pal. Maybe when grow up we consider log as friend, or never care like it’s scoundrel. There are people who need log and people who need fog, maybe depends what location humanoid grows in.