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WIRED magazine and BBC’s Robot Wars

Full page illustration of BBC’s Robot Wars for WIRED magazine. I hid ChaosII in the background because George Francis is a pro and will always be. Plus there’s Noel Sharkey lurking, keeping an eye on as always.


Comic for Ustwo Games featured in WIRED magazine

Client: Ustwo games, WIRED magazine

I got to do a comic for the wonderful Ustwo games, makers of Monument Valley and Lands End. The comic featured as a full page in WIRED magazine to tell the story of the games company. Ustwo games provided me with a great layout and sketch of the comic, I then went on to work on the final. It was great working with the colours, architecture and style of Monument Valley.


Work for the BBC

Concept art for the BBC shown on TV. As a trailer advertising classic literature adapted for Television.
Done whilst working with Transistor Studios. Thanks to Creative Director Jamie Rockaway.

T poses for the character modelling and texturing.

Watch here from 0:25seconds


Environments in Unity


These are a few interactive environments made with Photoshop, Blender and Unity.

If you’re interested in some of the assets I used they are: Cinemachine, Playmaker, Final IK, Blend modes, Post Processing and the shaders mostly use vertex colour, picking up the vertex painting from Blender files. Some vertex colour shaders have vertex displacement for windy scenes, some use a brush texture with alpha, UV mapped to show different parts of the texture to be appealing. Default unlit texture shaders are used when needed.
I need tea. I’m going to go downstairs to put the kettle on. The lady next door puts out so much bird feed, those fat balls, everyday. Here come the crows and magpies, oopsy daisy, here comes muggins megee wiping down the windows again. Oh well it’s nice to be outdoors.

Other 3D Environments.