I am an illustrator from Britain.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that you have some awesome work! Are you working at a studio? or just freelancing? Nice inspiration blog as well sir!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Steinunn, architecture student from Iceland says:

    Love your work!! It gave me a nice inspiration…

  3. Jordan Amer says:

    Lookin good Matt!…

  4. tinatin says:

    it’s great!!!

  5. Reido says:

    Amazing work, and love the new site, about to update my site soon, thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Bertrand says:

    Awesome ! you’re one of my favorite illustrator ! greatig from France !

  7. Bertrand says:

    oops, “greeting” from…

  8. Asabu says:

    Love your style!!!. Great great work. Good luck!.

  9. So impressive. Do you sell the artwork anywhere? Redbubble or the like?

  10. Matthew Lyons says:

    One day I might sell prints, but I talked to a girl yesterday and I’m still on a high from that.

  11. Elizabeth Bogoni says:

    Sweet as, I spent my whole illustration lesson looking at your work, and doing none of my own haha. I adore the colour pallets used in your work. Keep up the good work.

  12. Russell says:

    Fantastic Artwork! , do you mind if I ask; do you use Photoshop or Illustrator to do your work?

  13. SM says:

    !!!!!!!!! /spot on/

  14. Mark says:

    Hi Matthew. I sent you an email on Friday about possibly collaborating on a project we’ve got. Just checking you got it! Let me know what you think. Thanks, Mark

  15. Eve says:

    Hey you. Nice work! Reminds me of the books I used to have when I was a kid. Also a nice inspiration for some of my architectural renderings!

  16. Hey matthew i stumbled across your work today and it is truly inspiring. I have so much i would want to ask you as im 19 and a illustrator myself. Where did you study?

  17. DZIA says:

    JUST to say , you make brilliant stuff, greetings

  18. Elys says:

    Where in Britain?

  19. Russ says:

    Do you have any screen prints or giclees of your work? You could give Olly Moss and Shag a run for their money!

  20. Love your stuff mate


  21. Angelo says:

    you got steez for days man!

  22. howapt says:

    is it ‘one day’ soon, or you still floating on that high?

    i would love to buy a print.

  23. Matthew Lyons says:

    |= |_| -|- |_| |2 | $ -|- | ( ____ ( [] |\/| |\/| £ |\| 7

    $[] __ [ /-\ |\| ___ $ -|- | |_ |_ ___ |2 £ /-\ |]

    \/\/ |-| £ |\| ___-|- |-| £ ____ |\/| /-\ |\|

    |3 /-\ |\| $ ____ |_ £ -|- -|- £ |2 $

    | ___ $ £ |_ |_ ___ | |\| ___ 1997

  24. Jim Sta. Isabel says:

    Big fan from the Philippines. A friend of mine has a style similar to yours. His name is Dan Matutina. Good job, both of you! :)

  25. karmin says:

    a friendly thank you for occupying my day/evening with such beautiful work. i am not sure yet how to repay the privilege; do you have an opinion on scones and occasional less than witty banter as tender?

  26. Andy says:

    Such an impressive volume of work and inspiration! Love your work, I saw it on the magazine shelves and had to check it out— your swag continues in all ways, especially in the soggy cereal metaphors. Keep the crunch on.

  27. Clementine says:

    Hi Matt!! wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that i enjoy coming to your site from time to time & check out your latest works! Love having each ofthem as my wallpaper on my desktop! Great work, again!

  28. Matthew Dagless says:

    “Matthew Lyons says:
    10/02/2011 at 3:42 pm

    One day I might sell prints, but I talked to a girl yesterday and I’m still on a high from that.”

    Any update on whether you’ve decided to sells prints?! You’d make a fortune.

  29. Michael says:


  30. kathyde says:

    love ur work :)

  31. Mikkel says:

    Hey Matthew

    Got to say that I really admire your work. Had never seen anything from you before the other day, but I am so much into your style. Looking forward to following your work from now on. And just like anyone else, would I love to buy your prints, if you decide to sell.

  32. Reimo says:

    simply Brilliant!

  33. raafi says:

    great, great work. my day is better now that I’ve seen it.

  34. Kevin Lane says:

    Glad I found this. This is very retro/cool/cold/freezing. Building my site now……. screw dreamweaver! WordPress!

  35. chris says:

    your stuff is just blazing a trail through my backyard!!! Totally love it

  36. tony leung says:

    I love your work very much!
    vintage and futurity :)

    from hong kong

  37. Margot says:

    I’m truly amazed — I love this!

  38. Rusty says:

    I like you. I like your work. Art Deco combined with the interior design of an upper class home in the 70′s. I imagine the spaces to be where Hugh Hefner would hangout with a few bunnies while smoking a pipe. Charming,

  39. Murat says:

    Hi !

    I love your work very much!

  40. brit-inga says:

    Like your sensitive approach to colour, the gradual colour choice, that gentleman atmosphere and the rays of sunlight. The haze brings a nice contrast to all the edges in your shapes.

  41. Hilary says:

    Your work is impeccable. I love your sense of colour and gradient. More movie title screens please!

  42. Joe says:

    Just to say, I love everything you put out; and if you ever sell prints, you’ve already got a sale from me…

  43. loreen says:

    your work is very impressive and you have your own style which is amazing!!

  44. Kathy Andersen says:

    No seriously… I’m going to ask again if you’re planning on selling prints. put me on that list if so

  45. max says:

    very nice.. love ur style.. u should rly start selling them.. i would buy one

  46. Joel Blair says:

    Hi Matthew. I’m interested in working with you on a branding project. Please get in touch at hello@detraform.com. Cheers.

  47. Rory says:

    It doesn’t look like you say much here in your about section, both in bio and replies to comments, but I’ll give it a go, do you happen to use SketchUp for your illustrations? It looks like it.

  48. Anderson says:

    I’m in love with all this Matthew. I want prints =/

  49. Leeroy says:

    Incredible Illustrations, is is possible to buy some prints online?

  50. Anionnn says:

    I think your work is amazing. I’m your big fan! :)

  51. Just came across your site. Love your style. Added to my favorites.

  52. Gonzalo says:

    Amazing work… thanks for it

  53. Matthew says:

    I have the same name as you. You are doing a good job keeping our reputation up with your cool art. I will try to return the favor.

  54. reyes says:

    What an amazing ilustrator you are…

  55. Roger says:

    Please oh please make prints. It would make me the happiest bunny in the world. (“Shut up and take my money!”)

  56. Itai says:

    Inspirational work!!

  57. Nicolaes says:

    Amazing work. I just love your style. Reminds me of my childhood:D.

  58. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I can spend quite a long time looking at each one and I almost feel like I’m inside them when I look at them.

  59. nmnmnmnm says:

    3 words, 8 letters

    I ____ |_ [] \/ £ ___ >–O [_]

    I am so into your artwork man.
    _ _
    from |-| [] [\] [_7___|< [] [\] [_7 and so much fun in playing yr kind of font ;-pp

  60. james says:

    make prints now

  61. sara says:

    great job! I love your style.

  62. I’m not happy that I can’t buy prints from you. Not at all. Make it happen! Go!

  63. somu says:

    wow……creating a new world…..superb……………..

  64. Bridget says:

    Fellow illustrator here, green with envy! Incredible work; geometric shapes and muted color palettes are my jam!

  65. djjeck says:

    Another one here willing to buy prints. Why don’t you just throw them on society6, while you think?

  66. j.d. says:

    |3 & /-\ |_| -|- | |= |_| |_. _) |_| 5 -|- __|3 & /-\ |_| -|- | |= |_| |_.

  67. Nick says:

    Want… prints… now..

  68. Jj says:

    I love your work! Your technique is amazing!

    May I ask how you make your Illustrations? Is it all Photoshop + handpainted textures?
    I got the feeling that http://matthew-lyons.com/2009/08/blue-screen.html is partly a real painting!

    Thank you,

    I´m a fan!

  69. Nadia says:

    Am finding much happiness in your work and transported to a place full of wonders,
    thank you Mr Lyons

  70. Got a new fan!
    Can’t wait to see some of these moving. (or is there a part of this website i missed?)

    also, yes, prints would be nice.

  71. Siwei Song says:

    Hi Matt, I wonder if you’ve done anything with animation/animated your illustration. I just think that’d be a cool idea and I would love to see some of your work animated! Thank you for being inspiring!


  72. Максим says:

    очень круто

  73. Hannes says:

    Love your vector landscapes! They are truly beautiful and illustrative and give a nice futuristic, yet nostalgic vibe that i cant shake. Keep it up!

  74. Lewi Hussey says:

    Hey my buddy Marcus tweeted your portfolio,
    Your work is amazing, the architecture reminds me of a james bond movie. (:

  75. david rocha says:

    I was so happy, until i saw your work. Sick.

  76. Kyle Richardson says:

    Learn some new techniques. Your work is stale and boring. Try experimenting with more than just 6 different colors.. Horrible.

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