New Project: Locations

Some people maybe have nine scoundrel pals, but some people have twenty nine scoundrel to talk about weather and what they do on weekend. Takes Dorothy nine day to get past smeg small talk and be your friend. Cassandra can do it in two day, but she has loads of hobby like soggy swimming and train the dog, so probably have something in common to turn you from scoundrel to pal. Maybe when grow up we consider log as friend, or never care like it’s scoundrel. There are people who need log and people who need fog, maybe depends what location humanoid grows in.

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#19 COMMENTS:   New Project: Locations

  1. Type Inspired says:

    Inspirational blog ;)
    Keep ur good work.

  2. Jason Latino says:

    Found your stuff through, really amazing use of color, man. I look forward to following your blog.

  3. Alex Chechik says:

    You achieve color so beautifully! Do you usually reference your palette right from vintage photography, or do you just go by instinct?

  4. says:

    beautiful work.
    what media do you use for your paintings?

  5. spiros says:

    retrosuper! nice

  6. Julius says:

    as usual inspiring work. fantastic colours. Keep posting :)

  7. johane says:

    Really nice stuff dude.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way I can take contact with you I tried to write a couple of emails but nobody answer. take care. deya

  9. MoMa says:

    Wonderful work, I love it !
    I'll put you on my blog !

  10. justJUANMA says:

    wooow I'm so in love with your paintings. They are so right :)

  11. Tim says:

    hey man, saw your work at new blood and i've just seen that i've had one of your pieces as my desktop background for a long time. love your work, absolutely love it.

  12. Stan says:

    Whaooo ! Thanks a lot ! Your work is so beautifull !

  13. mr steve mccarthy says:

    your work is fantastic. but what the hell is the inspiration? and the babel at the bottom of locations? is there some mystical connection, or have you been watching to many episodes of lost

  14. Manoj a menon says: so happy that i happened to stumble upon your blog..very original stuff…how do you keep your mind so far away from the usual contamination..
    great stuff and im yanked on the spot.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Great writing. Poetry for swamp people.

  16. Sandra Brandstätter says:

    pretty cool style of yours!

  17. Matthew Lyons says:

    Fine artists can concentrate on the art of blagging, without trying to create a process which leaves the audience interested.
    The time is over for naming a bunch of found objects. Critics need to see more than one interesting inspiration go through the work so they can trust the artist, because there are so many looting latcher immitators around. Shadey man’s coat had hidden pockets, but the stolen NestlĂ© bar was in his top pocket.

  18. jose says:

    Incredible work the beautiful textures

  19. Marc says:

    I want a print. You really need to open an online store. Just ink jet them on some high quality paper. Love it.

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