28 thoughts on “Hiding in Triangles (1967)

  1. entdroid

    I just discovered your work through Drawn! and I'm completely in love with it, it's just wonderful!
    Thans for sharing :)

  2. Dustin d'Arnault

    I just stumbled on to your blog. You have some very amazing work! Very inspiring.

    1. Hippie

      Oh this is good, I like a few of the foods on here, I should eat them more often! Except the pr…s.en.uugh I hate prunes. haha.Thank you for sharing Kim :)

  3. Mikey S.

    Love this.

    Reminds me of something out of a technocracy seventies movie. Collosus: The Forbin Project or etc.

    1. Maribeth

      Hört sich nach einem schönen Kurztrip an. Die Miitrbngsel sehen fantastisch aus und sind sicher gut angekommen. Und wie Martina schon sagte, Du darfst gerne mal bei uns in Österreich vorbei kommen. :)lg Sandra

  4. Brad Lorenzen

    Huge fan of your style! If you ever sell prints, I guarantee I will buy one or two for decoration :)


    great work….love the commentary on the current contemporary fad of triangles in design…. "Hiding" indeed, perhaps hiding from original thought.


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