What is on the screen. no

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smeeeh robots wonder if they can speak and hear. Can they talk each other and spread things through word of mouth and make things popular. They are a marketing tool using the word of mouth strategy for advertising a big business like minute maid.

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Why is he running. Smeeeh he has no air pockets in his sneeks so he doesn’t have that spring in his step that alot of smug guys have. Left eye 60%, right eye 0%.

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Medievil Future

The medievil future

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two space knights and a man in a box

What are they doing? I hate those two who invites them they always tick me off. I think they are going to turn off the machines because they are jealous about the new medievil space suit. Im in space, pass me the ball

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Bungalow in wales

I found this bungalow in Wales. I enjoy things that are long and kept down height wise. But I don’t like it when you put your arm straight and grab the skin under your elbow and pull it out, it’s all saggy and when you release it slowly moulds back to its original shape.

Heres a picture of the bunglow:

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got to go. My dinner is getting cold

The man wants to get away his dinner is going cold. My dinner went cold once. It was luke warm, I didn’t invite Luke he just came round while I was outside playing and made my food warm instead of pipes hot.

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